App Pay Introducing Most Amazing Self Kiosk (DigiCash)

A Unique Digital & E-Lobby, Kiosk Banking Solution for all types of Credit Societies & Nidhi Banks

Launch your own Branded payment Kiosk Machine with Sec2Pay to give Kiosk Banking Facility like nationalised bank to your Customers

Service that you can offer on Self Kiosk

  • DigiCash Services
  • Society/Nidhi Bank Services
  • Add-On Services

Available Services

  • Aadhar Transaction
  • Debit Card Transaction
  • Any Bank Cash Deposit
  • Debit Card Transaction
  • Society/Nidhi Bank Transaction

Benefits to Societies/Nidhi Bank

  • Quick & Easy access to Home Banking.
  • Similar Characteristics to the ATM.
  • Advertising & Digital Advertising.
  • Unique Sound effect to Txn flow.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Admin Portal to load & withdrawal the deposited cash.
  • Web Portal to monitor live Txn.
  • Easy reconciliation process.
  • Can increase the customer footfall in credit society.
  • Can increase the societies/Nidhi banks brand image in market by providing E-loby services.

Benefits to Customer

  • Can experience the Kiosk Banking facility offered by society/Nidhi Bank.
  • Can do society/Nidhi Bank Transaction & also Other Bank Txns.
  • Multiple modes to access other bank accounts.
  • Can avail multiple services on single kiosk.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Local Language sound effects to Guide how to use Kiosk.
  • No need to stand in queue.
  • Transaction confirmation on screen & can generate print also.