Indicash is the largest
white label ATM operator

Indicash ATM offers a host of ATM Services to its users. It accepts all domestic debit cards from all banks across India. And plus, it is easy to use & ensures completely secure transactions. App Pay is offering an exciting opportunity for willing entrepreneurs to gain high income with a low stake in our growing network.

ATM Services

Benefits of being a Franchisee

It is easy to earn huge returns on your investment with HITACHI Money Spot ATM i.e; with each Cash Transaction, earn Rs.6/- as commission, and with each Non-Cash Transaction, earn Rs.1/- as commission.

App Pay provides complete training & support to the franchisee. The structure of a business franchise will be accurately presented by our team.

Invest in a business that yields big returns with low investment.

Get reach & engagement to the right audience of your brand digitally.

Be an Indicash ATM Franchise owner and increase your income with a minimal investment